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  • From Father Gabage


    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Together, though apart. Holy Mother Church is the visible Kingdom of God on Earth, the already – not yet. We make up that kingdom, and we are often not recognizing the hopefulness we possess because of present trials and tribulations that distract us from the Eternal-Now.

    “Together” is the word we use without realizing that true togetherness is not just with the physically present, but rather – present with those in the immediate proximity, those present in the world today existing in locations other than in the area in which you stand. Also, however, we often forget those who are present in spirit, those who are in purgatory and those in heaven. The “Together” we participate in is rather larger than what the human mind often contemplates.

    “Apart” is the word used in describing two different realities – one being a participant in being away from, and the other – one being separated from. The first definition is the one which most people will not grasp. Today people are expressing their longing to be together – to be in closer proximity to one another, a physical closeness. This is because we are social beings, and the need to have interactions with each other is essential human behavior. When we are faced with this current reality – social distancing, self-quarantine, etc., we feel “apart,” separated from – caused by another. This is true. However, we as Catholics are supposed to be a people who are “Apart!” We are separate from the world because we are people of the Spirit.

    Human history has taught us, as Catholics, that we are a people set apart, and how we have been treated is as Christ was treated – with revilement, calumny, derision, etc. Jesus did not combat people with like treatment; He did not mirror bad behavior, he only extended Love. Our History as Church, as the Mystical Body of Christ, is the imparting of the ongoing reality of How Jesus Himself is viewed by people today. To be true to Christ, we can only be apart from this known reality as He was – depending on the acceptance of His Father in heaven was the source of His strength. We too, are a people apart as Jesus was from His Father in heaven during His earthly ministry. We are a people who know that the life we are to have forever is not perfected here, though “already not yet” is the indwelling of the heavenly reality. We are hope-filled and reliant on the behavior of Jesus Christ and that behavior mirrored in us – a people set apart.

    We are together when we are apart. Together with the whole church, apart from the world of allurements and enticements that are fleeting in time and do not endure in Kairos, God’s time.

    Let us be reassured that this time of being together, though apart, does have a purpose for self-reflection and improvement, and does allow us to see the greater reality that God has in store for those who love Him.

    I encourage you to remain apart from the world and together in the Lord; become a temple for the Lord, a dwelling willing to withstand the tests of time in human history for your own betterment and for the glory of God in eternal history.

    Pax Christi,

    Vy. Rev. John B. Gabage, V.F.



    Oh, glorious Saint Irene and Saint Sebastian, we beg your intercession on humanity’s behalf to provide the graces necessary to combat with confidence in our Triune God’s power the contagion that currently confronts us.

    Help us to see with eyes of faith the extraordinary graces we possess in the ordinariness of our day.  Help all to know of your assurances on our behalf before the throne of God; enabling us with those special graces to be Our Father in Heaven’s children, Jesus Christ’s brothers and sisters, and the Holy Spirit’s companion in life’s trials and tribulations.

    Oh, Saint Irene grant to us, through your example as nurse to Saint Sebastian, compassion and mercy in dealing with those afflicted in mind or body during this time of contagion. Through your intercession and our prayers, help us to become before each other the example of concern, compassion, and service to the needs of others – exemplifying Christ’s love for all of humanity. Help us in our humility to listen and discern all things well. Guide us in our fears and anxieties that they may be calmed by the reassurances of the matters that occur in Divine Providence.

    Oh, Saint Sebastian grant to us through your example to remain confident in God despite the arrows that afflict us, and guide us to know of the true return to good health which is most importantly spiritual. Guide all as they endure their struggles to remain soldiers for Christ and to impart the confidence that can only exist in the gift of Faith given to humanity.

    Saint Irene and Saint Sebastian protect our medical professionals and first responders to remain in good health. Inspire through the work of God’s grace those who are to glorify God in finding the treatments and cure to what afflicts us at this time. We thank you for your care and for your intercession.

    Pray for us, Saint Irene.

    That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    Pray for us, Saint Sebastian.

    That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    Grant us, Oh Lord, we beg you, “to extinguish all the fiery darts of the most wicked one” (Eph. 6:16b), who did grant unto Saint Sebastian, the famous Martyr, the defender of the Church, and the repeller of plague to overcome the torments of his arrows. Grant us also to possess the graces and healing touch of words and actions that were endowed in your servant Saint Irene, that we too may be an instrument of resuscitation for those lacking breath in you. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.


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