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  • Father gabage celebrates mass for Palm Sunday

  • In remembrance 

    Please remember the repose soul of Rev. Hilary Rodgers who passed into his eternal life on April 1, 2020.
    Fr. Hilary was previously pastor of St. Benedict Parish in Ridgely, Maryland and of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Denton, Maryland.  Father was a diocesan priest of the Diocese of Wilmington and was in residence at The Little Sisters of the Poor in their Jeanne Jugan Residence in Newark, Delaware.
    Please pray for the residents of that facility along with those who provide care to the patients.
    Saints Irene and Sebastian, Pray for us!
    May all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. Amen

  • A word from our Pastor

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    As we remember Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem this day, we recall the enthusiasm of the crowd welcoming their savior.  Often, we will find ourselves enthusiastic in one moment and resolute in another.  We are a people who are truly fickle, we go one way, then another way, and often it is based on the crowd’s position.  We have come to understand that crowd mentality can be extremely dangerous and though persuasive in the moment, can lead people into what is unreal.  I look back at the historical figures such as Diocletian, Adolf Hitler, and many others.  These individuals were human beings that were unfortunately about their own notoriety, they were not in the least bit interested in what God wanted for humanity.  We know what these individuals accomplished – death and destruction.

    Jesus Christ, however, was not about His own notoriety, but rather about giving His Father glory.  Jesus’ work was to accomplish His Father’s desires for humanity.  As we listen to the Passion of the Lord during the Gospel, we hear the reality of what humanity faces in Jesus Christ and that reality is truly discernable: we can be human like Jesus or human like Judas, we can be human like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, or like John the Beloved, or human like the Pharisees.  We can endure suffering patiently, or we can be the cause of suffering.

    Many of us are not as pure in being human as Jesus and Mary were… perhaps some are more like Peter – you know, the one who said he would not betray but ultimately did.  Notice the story of hope for each of us provided in the person of Peter.  Jesus knows Peter intimately enough to be completely frank with him… “I say to you, the cock will not crow before you deny me three times.”  It is this frankness that we need to understand – Jesus knows each of us as human, and that humanity has choice. 

    Because most people are enduring the consequences of their choices whether good or bad, we are given another choice when we are acknowledging the transcendence of God.  The transcendence of God in Jesus Christ – the human form of God amongst us - is an incredible gift.  Jesus knows that some will forsake Him, meaning, forsake the humanity of God in our human nature, and in that moment we become the Peter in the moments of the Gospel of John 13:36-38; 18:15-18; and 18:25-27.

    The painting of the Denial of St. Peter by Washington Allston (1779 – 1843) Copyrighted and from a private collection given with permission for this publication of our parish bulletin only (©Ref P.S.C./G.J./W.Allston/SCS/BOWER/01.04.2020.001), helps us to reflect on what has occurred.

    Here Peter stands – the one who protested his loyalty in the upper room, who drew his sword in the garden, who followed Jesus to the courtyard of the High Priest.  This is not the real Peter standing here illumined by the charcoal fire, is it? 
    Beneath all our failures, Jesus sees the real person: He sees what we have in us to be, - Be that and Live!
    Along with these words, I thought it would be prudent to include some artwork to view for a heightened awareness of the divine presented in our humanity, and what we can endure when presented with trials and tribulations…
    Amongst the paintings in the Pinacoteca di Brera Collection, one will find the painting executed by Jusepe de Rebera circa 1638 of Christ Mocked and Crowned with Thorns

    Looking at this painting we see Jesus surrounded by people interested in mocking Him.  He looks out at us - - - perhaps asking, “are you with them or with me?”
    “The humanity that is of God cannot be broken… be with me… be with God. Let not your hearts be troubled.”
    Take some time to view the painting and contemplate the aforementioned.
    When you are finished, use the following painting, also from the Studio of Jusepe de Ribera (1591 – 1652).  This image is also Copyrighted and from a private collection given with permission for this publication of our parish bulletin only (©Ref P.S.C./G.J./S.of.J.de.Ribera/SCS/BOWER/01.04.2020.002).
    We now look to what seems incurable and lifeless and are given Hope by our Father in heaven… in three days… He will rise.  My friends, live with this kind of Hope, and be free from anxiety and fear. Be like Peter after the resurrection – living for and proclaiming that death has no more sting when we live for the Lord! He sees what we have it in us to be – Be that and Live!  Blessings to all for this Holy Week!

    Pax Christi,
    Vy. Rev. John B. Gabage, V.F.

    *full sized images may be found here https://www.stchristopherski.org/photoalbums/palm-sunday-letter-from-the-pastor-art

  • Message from diocese

    Responding to Coronavirus 

    In order to keep the Catholic community of Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore up-to-date regarding our efforts to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Diocese of Wilmington has set up this webpage (cdow.org/coronavirus).

    At the advice of government officials, and after consultation with medical professionals, Bishop Francis Malooly has canceled all public Masses, weddings, baptisms, funerals, prayer services, confessions, etc., in the Diocese of Wilmington until further notice. The only sacraments that will be administered by priests will be when someone is in the danger of death.  This effort is designed to help safeguard the public and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

    “We do not take this action lightly and without prayerful consideration,” Bishop Malooly said. “We must put the health and well-being of our parishioners first. I invite the faithful to stay connected to their parish community electronically, and to participate in Mass via television and the Internet, during this challenging time.”

    Additionally, all diocesan and parish Catholic schools and religious education programs, in Delaware and Maryland’s Eastern Shore, will be closed or canceled until May 18, 2020. The CYM  Spring Sports season has been canceled.

    Keep up-to-date on local, national and international news during this challenging time. Visit www.TheDialog.org and sign-up for weekly and breaking news delivered to your inbox with The Angelus.

    Distribution of Palm

    In light of the increasing restrictions going into effect in the State of Maryland and anticipating similar restrictions for the State of Delaware, the distribution of palm is not to take place in any form. Parishes that are able to can keep the palm in a cool, dry place and distribute them after restrictions are lifted.

    Additional information can be found at: https://www.cdow.org/coronavirus/


  • Stay updated!

    We have created a page /covid-19-updates for news, information, updates, and helpful  links

  • online giving

    St. Christopher needs your support now more than ever!  Join the parishioners who are using Faith Direct for automated giving to St. Christopher.  Faith Direct offers a safe and secure way to donate to our parish in this time of uncertainty.  There is no cost to you, and the program provides a great benefit to our parish.  Sign up today by visiting faith.direct/MD758
    We are also extremely grateful to our envelope using parishioners who have been mailing in their weekly donations!

     Thank you for your continued support of our parish family.

  • Where to find us

  • Need Help?

    Our Outreach Office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 am - Noon. 

    Please call 410-643-3366 for assistance.

  • Free meals for children

    Meals for children ages 2 - 18 are being distributed Monday - Friday at both Bayside and Matapeake Elementary schools from 12 Noon to 2 PM.  You do not have to be enrolled at one of these schools to receive the meals.

  • Se están otorgando alimentos para niños de 2 a 18 años, y se están distribuyendo en las escuelas de Bayside y Matapeake Elementary School de 12 mediodía a 2 de la tarde de Lunes a Viernes. No es necesario que los niños estén registrados en dichas escuelas para recibir los alimentos.